IMprove Consulting


I’m IMprove Consulting.

Improve Consulting is all about improving the Employee Experience in your company.


For many years, HR have been building fancy best practices for companies, yet, in reality, they find themselves to have limited impact in the company and the company's value creation. If you really want a seat at the table, it is time to start designing an Employee Experience that makes an impact and contributes to building a human-centric & efficient organisation.


Leadership affects your Employee Experience. Today, people want coaching managers, not bosses, that provide the purpose in their work-life and help them develop and grow. They want managers to be like be gardeners that help them thrive and be the lighthouses that help them navigate to reach their targets.


Change is never easy, however, IMprove Consulting can train your organisation and provide tools for you to facilitate your transformation journey.  

Ingela Moene has broad experience from senior HR roles in large global & multicultural companies across different industries.  She holds an MBA degree from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland, and is a certified Agile People Coach & Facilitator.