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Make Your Employee Experience more Human-Centric!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Always People before Processes. To become an attractive employer, is all about creating an environment where people can grow and thrive.

Most companies aim at being a preferred employer with easy access to talent in order to deliver results and satisfying stakeholders, in reality many companies struggle to achieve this.

As many of the most successful companies today are tech companies, it is easy to think that their success depends on their technological advantages. Though, the real difference lies in a different way of running the company, as well as the way they deploy technology – they have adapted the Agile mindset.

Agile Mindset

Agile companies differ from traditional companies; they have moved away from a top-down power structure and empowered their employees to make the right decisions, to take initiatives, and to be creative. The employees are organized in high-performing teams focused on continuously improving the ways they work, enabled by constantly developing and coaching the team-members to grow skills and knowledge.

It is easy to understand why people prefer to work for an Agile organization in front of a traditional company, especially as research shows the most important factors for employee happiness is the ability to influence on their own work situation, to grow and have job security.

Agile companies beat traditional companies in most areas as they are more transparent and flexible and have the ability to change fast. The close interaction with customers during development result in faster deliveries, lower development costs, higher revenues, happier customers and employees.

The agile organizations adapt faster to changes as they are more transparent and flexible, they are organized more fluidly, information is shared more transparently, and people have a clear picture where the company is heading and their contribution to get there.

If Agile organizations are so much more efficient and profitable, one can wonder why more companies do not want to change? First of all, change is never easy, going Agile is a change in mind-set and a new way to organize work. Traditional companies evolved from Taylorism, they have become very rigid and bureaucratic, where change takes time.

Many managers in traditional companies are educated from Business schools with a traditional way of thinking and organize work, where a few people at the top take the decision and the rest of the organization execute on that.

Empowering Your Employees

Leadership in Agile companies is not about executing orders, controlling work, nor micro-managing people, but empowering people and securing that they have the right resources to do their job. Agile Managers create environments where people feel psychologically safe, where teams collaborate, learn from each other and receive regular feedback on their performance to grow further and better serve the customers.

Employees want coaching managers, not bosses, managers that provide the purpose in their work-life and help them to develop and grow. They want managers to be like gardeners, that help them thrive, and be a lighthouse aiding to navigate to reach targets.

Many Agile organizations started out as agile and have had the opportunity to adjust their way of working through their growth, often into global companies. Though, there are rising numbers of large traditional companies that have transformed into Agile organizations. It has not been easy to make this transformation, but it was probably crucial for their survival in the long run.

When will your Agile journey start? Or is becoming a dinosaur more appealing?

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